Our beers

Vlas Kop
Unfiltered flaxen high fermentation beer. You will not get enough of this fresh, fruity but first of all thirst-quenching beer.
Houten Kop
A tour de force of brewing, made of natural and precious raw materials without colouring and conserving agents. 
Ichtegem's Oud Bruin
A red-brown high fermentation beer, originating from Western Flanders. 
Dikke Mathile
This is an amber coloured high fermentation beer with a spicy piece of history.
Near beer with a 0.3 % alcohol level
Strubbe Pils
A traditional 'Pilsener' full of character.
Unique cherry beer on the basis of Ichtegem's Oud Bruin.
De Couckelaerschen Doedel
 Amber coloured high fermentation beer (6.5% alc).
High fermentation white beer, 7%
High fermentation blond beer with a 7.7 % alcohol level
Oud Bier
A classic table beer with a sweet aftertaste. Light digestible with a 2.1% alcohol level. 
A blond classic table beer with a refreshing aftertaste.
Grand Cru Oud Bruin
Smooth refermented strong beer with a warm ruby glitter (9,2 % vol.alc. )
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